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Meet the Brains Behind The Dopes Babes Market Days

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Brittnee has been an entrepreneur since she can remember. She has always had a unique ability to think outside of the box. She started her first business in elementary school selling cookies to raise money for a family trip, which sparked her love for sales and customer interaction. By the age of 20, Brittnee started her second business while in college as a jewelry designer. She later graduated from college with two degrees in Business and Fashion Retailing & Merchandising. With all her experience in business, retail, corporate America, and customer service, she started Boss Babes Market Days (BBMD). BBMD is now known as The Dope Babe.  Brittnee started this with the hope of inspiring entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

While hosting her market she had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many like-minded women. She then realized that so many women could benefit from joining a community to learn from and motivate one another. She also realized women desire to be coached by her. To meet the demand, Brittnee is now offering one on one, group session vendor, and business coaching. With her experience in both the Business and Fashion Industry, she put her skills to use and began coaching women on how to sell out at vendor markets.  Hence, Brittnee decided to develop The Dope Babe Coaching videos, which include the "Art of Selling Out." This video provides the tools that every vendor should possess before registering for any vendor market. 

The Dope Babe Coaching is created to teach and provide female entrepreneurs with the tools and skills to take their businesses to the next level, and finally to become a BOSS!  

The Dope Babe merchandise is all for the Dope entrepreneurs that like daily reminders that they are walking in their purpose.  If you didn't know by now,

D.O.P.E = Dedicated On Purpose Everyday.


Peace and Love,

Join the Movement

I believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

My Mission

To provide women and girls with the tools of life that will propel them forward in their lives and take the businesses to the next level.

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My Vision

For women to be bolder, stronger and command the respect they deserve through experience and expertise. For more businesses to have Female CEO's and for women to control their own destinies.

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